STK433-870-E Datasheet – 4-channel class AB audio power IC

This post explains for the semiconductor STK433-870-E.

The Part Number is STK433-870-E.

The function of this semiconductor is 4-channel class AB audio power IC.

Manufacturer: Sanyo

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Ordering number : EN*A1694 Thick-Film Hybrid IC STK433-870-E Overview 4-channel class AB audio power IC, 60W×4ch The STK433-870-E is 60W×4 channels class-AB audio frequency power amplifier hybrid IC. Applications • Audio power amplifiers. Features • Pin-to-pin compatible outputs ranging from 60W to 80W • Can be used to replace the STK433-000/-100 series (30W to 150W/2ch/class-AB), STK415-100Series (80W to 150W/2ch/class H) due to its pin compatibility of ch1/ch2. 2ch class AB (30W to 60W, THD=10%) : STK433-000 series 2ch class AB (80W to 150W, THD=10%) : STK433-100 series 2ch class H (80W to 150W, THD=10%) : STK415-100 series • Compact package (64.0mm×31.1mm×9.0mm, 78.0mm×44.1mm×9.0mm) • Output load impedance RL=6Ω, 8Ω supported. • Allowable load shorted time: 0.3s • Allows the use of predesigned applications for standby and mute circuits Series Models STK433-870-E Output 1 (10%/1kHz) Output 2 (0.4%/20Hz to 20kHz) Maximum Rating VCC max (No signal) Maximum […]

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STK433-870-E Datasheet

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