STP04CM05 – 4-bit constant current power-LED sink driver

Part Number: STP04CM05

Function: 4-bit constant current power-LED sink driver

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


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STP04CM05 4-bit constant current power-LED sink driver Features 4 constant current output channels Adjustable output current through one external resistor Can be driven by a 3.3 V microcontroller IN/parallel data OUT Dip-14 SO-14 Serial data Output current: 80-400 mA 20 V of output driving capability 30 MHz clock frequency UVLO (under voltage lockout) and POR (power ON reset) TSD, thermal shutdown, output off when junction temperature exceeds limit Operating free-air temperature range -40 to 125 ºC ESD protection 2.5 kV HBM, 200 V MM Available in high thermal TSSOP exposed pad. The STP04CM05 guarantees 20 V output driving capability, allowing users to connect more LEDs in series. The high clock frequency, 30 MHz, also satisfies the system requirements which include high volume data transmission. The STP04CM05 is well suited for very high brightness displays and special lighting applications. The STP04CM05 is offered in DIP-14, SO-14 and TSSOP16 exposed pad packages. TSSOP16 (Exposed pad) Description The STP04CM05 is a high-power LED driver and 4-bit shift register designed for Power-LED applications. The STP04CM05 contains a 4-bit serial IN, parallel OUT shift register that feeds a 4-bit D-type storage register. In the output stage, four regulated current sources were designed to provide 80-400 mA constant current to drive high power LEDs. Table 1. Device summary Order codes STP04CM05B1R STP04CM05MTR STP04CM05XTTR Package DIP-14 Packaging 25 parts per tube 2500 parts per reel 2500 parts per reel SO-14 (tape and reel) TSSOP16 exposed-pad (tape and reel) June 2008 Rev 4 1/24 24 Contents STP04CM05 Contents 1 2 Internal schematic . 3 Pin settings 4 2.1 2.2 Pin connection 4 Pin description 4 3 Maximum rating . 5 3.1 3.2 Thermal data . 5 Recommended operating conditions . 6 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Electrical characteristics . 7 Equivalent circuit of inputs and outputs . 9 Timing diagrams . 11 Test circuit 14 Typical characteristics . […]

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STP04CM05 Datasheet

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