STR-G6153 PDF Datasheet – Flyback Switching Regulator

This post explains for the regulator.

The Part Number is STR-G6153, STRG6153.

The function of this semiconductor is FLYBACK SWITCHING REGULATOR.

The package is TO-220 Type.

Manufacturer: Sanken

Image and Pinouts:

STR-G6153 pinout datasheet

Pin Descriptions :

1. D Drain terminal : MOSFET drain

2. OCP Over-current terminal : Input signal of detecting over-current in primary part

3. GND Ground terminal : Ground

4. FB Feed-Back terminal : Input signal of controlling constant voltage

5. Vcc Power terminal : Input control circuit power


STR-G6153 is Flyback Converter Switching Regulator for Laser Printer.

An offline quasi-resonant flyback switching regulator is a type of power supply circuit used in offline applications, where the power source is directly connected to the mains voltage (AC line). The term “quasi-resonant” refers to the operating mode of the flyback converter, which combines characteristics of both continuous and discontinuous conduction modes to improve efficiency and reduce switching losses.

The flyback switching regulator is a popular topology for offline power supplies due to its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and ability to provide galvanic isolation between the input and output. It is commonly used in various low to medium power applications, such as power adapters, LED drivers, and some battery chargers.


STR-G6153 pdf regulator


1. Quasi-Resonant Operation

2. Output Power to 66 W

3. Low-Loss, Pulse-Ratio-Control Standby Mode

4.  Temperature-Compensated Pulse-by-Pulse Over-Current Protection

5. Latched Over-Voltage and Thermal Protection

6. Under-Voltage Lockout with Hysteresis

7. Active Low-Pass Filter for Enhanced Light-Load Stability

8. Switched Attenuation of Leading-Edge Current-Sensing Signal

9. Regulated Soft Gate Drive

10. Adjustable Switching Speed for EMI Control

11. Overmolded Five-Pin Package

STR-G6153 PDF Datasheet

STR-G6153 pdf