STR-G6351 PDF Datasheet – Switching Regulator

Part Number: STR-G6351, STRG6351

Function: Switching Regulator,  Power(SMPS) Circuit Diagram

Manufacturer: Sanken


STR-G6351 pdf


A switching regulator is a type of power supply circuit that efficiently converts one DC voltage to another DC voltage using high-frequency switching techniques. It is also known as a switched-mode power supply (SMPS) or a DC-DC converter. Switching regulators are widely used in various electronic devices and systems to provide stable and regulated power to different components.

1. Power(SMPS) Circuit Diagram NOTE : 1. Shaded( ) parts are critical for safety. Replace only with specified part number. 2. Voltages are DC-measured with a digital voltmeter during TUNER mode. No Power. BD101 is defective. 12VA No Power. D109 is defective. 13V dead. Q152 is defective. 5V dead. Q153, 155, 156 are defective. No Power. IC102, 103 are malfunctioned. NOTES) NOTES) Symbol denotes AC ground. Symbol denotes DC chassis ground. NOTES) NOTES) NOTES) NOTES) Warning Parts that are shaded are critical With respect to risk of fire or electricial shock. 3-19 3-20 […]

STR-G6351 pinout datasheet

STR-G6351 Datasheet