STR-X6750 PDF – Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulator

This post explains for the Switching Regulator.

The Part Number is STR-X6750, STRX6750.

The function of this semiconductor is Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulators.

The package is TO-3P Type

Manufacturer: Sanken

Preview images :

STR-X6750 pinout datasheet


The STR-X6750 series integrates a quasi-resonant control IC and a MOSFET with avalanche guarantee. In normal operation, the device provides high efficiency and low EMI noise with bottom-skip quasi-resonant operation during light output loads. Low power consumption is also achieved by Auto-standby mode (not available in the STR-X6729, STR-X6759N, or STR-X6768N) or manual standby mode (external trigger).

The device is supplied in a seven-pin fully-molded TO-3Pstyle package, which is suitable for downsizing and standardizing of an SMPS by reducing external component count and simplifying circuit design.

Features and benefits include the following:

▪ Auto standby mode (burst oscillation) or manual standby mode (UVLO intermittent oscillation) in the standby mode.

▪ In addition to the standard quasi-resonant operation, a bottom-skip mode is available for increased efficiency from light to medium load.

▪ Soft-start operation at start-up.

▪ Reduced switching noise (compared to conventional PWM hard-switching solution) with a step-drive function.

▪ Built-in avalanche-energy-guaranteed power MOSFET (to simplify surge-absorption circuit; no VDSS derating is required).

▪ Overcurrent protection (OCP), overvoltage protection (OVP), overload protection (OLP), and maximum On-time control circuits are incorporated; OVP and OLP go into a latched mode […]

STR-X6750 pdf

STR-X6750 PDF Datasheet