STR6553 PDF Datasheet – Switching Power Supply Controller

This post explains for the semiconductor STR-6553.

The Part Number is STR6553.

The function of this semiconductor is switching power supply controller.

Manufacturer: ETC

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STR6553 pinout datasheet


A switching power supply controller is a type of power management IC (PMIC) specifically designed to regulate and control switching power supplies. It serves as the control center for the power supply, managing the switching operation, feedback control, and protection mechanisms.

Key features:

1. Switching Control: The controller generates the switching signals that control the power switches (such as MOSFETs or IGBTs) in the power supply circuit. It determines the timing and duration of the switching transitions, which allow efficient conversion of the input voltage to the desired output voltage.

2. Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM): The controller typically utilizes PWM to regulate the output voltage. It modulates the width of the switching pulses based on feedback information from the output voltage, adjusting the duty cycle to maintain a stable output voltage.

3. Voltage Feedback and Regulation: The controller monitors the output voltage through a feedback loop. It compares the actual output voltage with a reference voltage and adjusts the switching signals to maintain the desired output voltage level, compensating for variations in load conditions and input voltage.

4. Current Sensing and Limiting: Many switching power supply controllers incorporate current sensing mechanisms to monitor the output current. They can implement current limiting or protection mechanisms to prevent excessive current draw or overload conditions, ensuring the safety and reliability of the power supply and the connected devices.

5. Protection Features: Switching power supply controllers often include various protection features to safeguard against fault conditions. These may include overvoltage protection (OVP), undervoltage protection (UVP), overcurrent protection (OCP), and thermal shutdown, among others. These protections help prevent damage to the power supply and the devices being powered.

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STR6553 pdf

STR6553 Datasheet