TM2313 PDF – Digital Audio Processor

This post explains for the Audio Processor.

The Part Number is TM2313.

The function of this semiconductor is Digital audio processing control circuit.

The package is SOP, SIP 28 Pin type


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TM2313 pinout datasheet


TM2313 is a three-pair input four-channel output digital control audio processing chip. The chip is manufactured using deep submicron CMOS technology. The chip contains volume, bass, treble, channel equalization, front/rear stage attenuation, and loudness processing; It integrates a plurality of selectable gain input ends, has few peripheral circuit components, and has better performance and reliability.


TM2313 pdf


1. Manufactured by CMOS process
2. Less peripheral circuit components
3. Treble and bass control
4. With loudness function
5. 3 sets of stereo input, the input amplification gain can be adjusted
6. It can reduce the noise between the input and output terminals, the system and the equalizer
7. Channel equalization and attenuation control can be performed on 4 independent speakers
8. Independent mute function
9. Volume control: 1.25dB/step
10. Low distortion
11. Low noise and DC drift
12. Through serial I2
C bus microprocessor interface to control
13. SOP28/DIP28 package
14. Compatible with TDA7313, PT2313

1. Car audio
2. Hi-Fi audio system

TM2313 PDF Datasheet