TSUM16AK PDF Datasheet – SXGA LCD Controller

An SXGA LCD controller is a device used to control an LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel with SXGA resolution. “SXGA” stands for Super Extended Graphics Array, which is a display resolution standard that typically refers to a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels.

The controller takes input signals, which could be digital or analog video signals, and processes them to drive the individual pixels of the LCD panel. It ensures that the correct colors and brightness levels are displayed at each pixel to create a coherent image on the screen.

Part Number: TSUM16AK

Function: SXGA LCD Controller

Package: PQFP 128 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Mstar Semiconductor

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The TSUM16AK is total solution graphics processing IC for LCD monitors with panel resolutions up to SXGA. It is configured with a high-speed integrated triple-ADC/PLL, a high quality display processing engine, and an integrated output display interface that can support LVDS panel interface format. To further reduce system costs, the TSUM16AK also integrates intelligent power management control capability for green-mode requirements and spread-spectrum support for EMI management

The TSUM16AK incorporates the world’s first coherent oversampled RGB graphics ADC in a monitor controller system. The oversampling ADC samples the input RGB signals at a frequency that is much higher than the signal source pixel rate. This can preserve details in the video signal that ordinarily would be lost due to input signal jitter or bandwidth limitations in non-oversampled systems.

Block Diagram:

TSUM16AK datasheet mstar

Display Processing Engine:

1. Patent-pending Hybrid Image Resolution Converter

2. Variable sharpness control

3. Interlaced to progressive conversion

4. Patent-pending Dynamic Frame-Rate generator (DFR) – short line storage frame extension
technique eliminates short lines in output frames

5.  Media Window Enhancement (MWE)Note

6. Peaking & coring functions for sharpness enhancement and noise reduction

7. Brightness and contrast control

8. Programmable 10-bit gamma correction

9. sRGB support

TSUM16AK PDF Datasheet