TT2190 PDF Datasheet – Control Transformer

This post explains for the Transformer.

The Part Number is TT2190.

The function of this semiconductor is Control Transformer.

Manufacturer: TEMCo

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TT2190 pdf


A control transformer is a type of transformer that is specifically designed for powering control circuits in electrical systems. It provides a lower voltage output suitable for controlling relays, solenoids, motor starters, and other devices used in control panels or control circuits.

Here are some key points about control transformers:

1. Voltage Conversion: Control transformers typically convert higher input voltages (e.g., 230V or 480V) to lower output voltages (e.g., 24V or 120V) commonly used in control circuits. The specific voltage conversion depends on the application and requirements.

2. Isolation: Control transformers provide electrical isolation between the primary (input) and secondary (output) windings. This isolation helps protect the control circuitry from electrical noise, voltage spikes, and other disturbances that may be present on the input side.

3. Size and Power Rating: Control transformers come in various sizes and power ratings to accommodate different applications. The power rating is typically specified in volt-amperes (VA) or kilovolt-amperes (kVA) and represents the maximum power the transformer can handle.

4. Mounting Options: Control transformers can be available in various mounting configurations, such as panel mount, DIN rail mount, or chassis mount. This allows for flexible installation in different control panel or equipment designs.


TT2190 manual

TT2190 PDF Datasheet