UTC7607 PDF Datasheet – FM IF / AM Tuner System

Part Number: UTC7607

Function: FM IF / AM Tuner System

Package: DIP 16 Pin type

Manufacturer: YOUWANG


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The UTC7607 / UTC7611 is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for the VIF stage in color and B/W television receivers. The UTC7607 is used for Reverse AGC Type. The UTC7611 is used for Forward AGC Type.


1. Three controlled IF amplifier stages

2. Video demodulator controlled by picture carrier

3. Black noise and white noise inverter

4. Peak AGC

5. DC amplifier for RF AGC output

6. Quadrature detector for AFT

7. DC amplifier for AFT

Temperatur Storage Temperatur Power dissipation LINEAR INTEGRATED CIRCUIT Vcc V4 V12 Topr Tstg PD (Ta=25°C )  (Ta=25°C,Vcc=12V,fo=45.75MHz,unless otherwise specified) Recommended Supply Voltag Quiescent circuit current Video DC output AFT DC Output Voltag AFT Output offset Voltag RF AGC Residual Output Voltag RF AGC Leak Current Video Sensitivity AGC Rang Sync Tip Level Voltage(pin12) Maximum IF Input Voltag White Noise Threshold(pin12) White Noise Clamp Level(pin12) Black Noise Threshold(pin12) Black Noise Clamp Level(pin12) Video Frequency Response Suppression of Carrier Suppression of 2 nd Carrier 920kHz Beat level Differential Gain Differential Phas Input Impedanc AFT Output Upper Voltag AFT Output Lower Voltag Maximum Available Current AFT Sensitivity Vcc ICCQ V12 V5.V6 V5-V6 V4(sat) I4(leak) SVI VAGC(IF) Vsync VI(MAX) VWTH VWCL VBTH VBCL Gv(IF) Input 45.75Mhz,Sweep generator CL SG1=100mVrms SG2,SG3 →OFF I2nd SG1=100mVrms SG2,SG3 →OFF I920 SG1=100mVrms SG2=SG3=32mVrms DG DP RIN fo=45.75MHz,between pin16~1 CIN V 5, V6(UP) V 5, V6(Low) I4(MAX) UTC7607 UTC7611 SAFT SW1:ON SW2:ON SW1:ON SW2:ON UTC7611 SW4→1 UTC7607 SW3→2 SW4 →2 UTC7611 SW4→1 UTC7607 SW3→1 SW4 →2 V12=0.8Vp-p, fo=45.75MHz,AM=30% fo=45.75MHz, YOUWANG ELECTRONICS CO.LTD 2 UTC7607/7611 0.01 5.1k LINEAR INTE […]

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UTC7607 Datasheet