W9NK95Z Transistor – 950V, 7A, MOSFET (STW9NK95Z)

Part Number: W9NK95Z, STW9NK95Z

Function: N-Channel, 950V, 7A, MOSFET

Package: TO-247 type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics


W9NK95Z pdf datasheet


The SuperMESH™ series is obtained through an extreme optimization of ST’s well established strip-based PowerMESH™ layout. In addition to pushing on-resistance significantly down, special care is taken to ensure a very good dv/dt capability for the most demanding applications.

W9NK95Z is N-channel 950 V – 1.15 Ω – 7 A – TO-247 Zener-protected SuperMESHTM Power MOSFET.

■ 100% avalanche tested ■ Gate charge minimized Application ■ Switching applications Description

1. Internal schematic diagram Table 1. Device summary Order code STW9NK95Z Marking 9NK95Z Package TO-247 Packaging Tube July 2008 Rev 2 1/12 www.st.com 12 Contents Contents STW9NK95Z 1 Electrical ratings . . 3 2 Electrical characteristics . 4 2.1 Electrical characteristics (curves) . 6 3 Test circuits . 8 4 Package mechanical data . 9 5 Revision history . 11 2/12 STW9NK95Z 1 Electrical ratings Table 2. Absolute maximum ratings Symbol Parameter VDS VGS ID ID IDM(1) PTOT Drain-source voltage (VGS = 0) Gate-source voltage Drain current (continuous) at TC = 25 °C Drain current (continuous) at TC=100 °C Drain current (pulsed) Total dissipation at TC = 25 °C Derating Factor Vesd(G-S) G-S ESD (HBM C=100 pF, R=1.5 kΩ) dv/dt(2) Peak diode recovery voltage slope TJ Operating junction temperature Tstg Storage temperature 1. Pulse width limited by safe operating area 2. ISD ≤ 7 A, di/dt ≤ 100 A/µs,VDD ≤ 80% V(BR)DSS Table 3. Thermal data Symbol Parameter Rthj-case Rthj-a Tl Thermal resistance junction-case max Thermal resistance junction-ambient max Maximum lead temperature for soldering purpose Table 4. Avalanche characteristics Symbol Parameter Avalanche current, repetitive or not-repetitive IAS (pulse width limited by TJ Max) Single pulse avalanche energy (starting EAS TJ=25 °C, ID=IAS, VDD=50 V)  […]

W9NK95Z transistor mosfet

W9NK95Z PDF Datasheet