AN34044AA Datasheet – System power supply IC – Panasonic

Part Number: AN34044AA

Function : LDO-equipped system power supply For DTV Systems

Package: SSOP 24Pin Type

Manufacturer: Panasonic


AN34044AA System power supply IC


System power supply IC equipped with multi-channel LDO. In addition to LDO, various other functions useful for DTV are also provided, contributing to the rationalization of DTV design


Product Information

AN34044AA product information



1. System power IC for PDP TV
2. 3.3 V output and 1.2 V output, built-in linear regulator for 9 V output,
3. 3.3 V linear regulator (with DTV power supply backup function)
4. 1.2 V linear regulator
5. Built-in 3.3 V/1.8 V variable linear regulator
6. 9 V linear regulator
7. STB 6 V voltage detection function
8. Built-in CPU (PEAKS) reset circuit
9. Analog MUTE function
10. Thermal shutdown circuit



AN34044AA datasheet pinout


Points on Appeal (Features)

1. Contributes to reducing space required for power supply
2. Equipped with various function


AN34044AA Datasheet

AN34044AA pdf AN34044AA

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