C1701C PDF – NEC – Zero Voltage Switch – UPC1701C

This post explains for the ZVS.

The Part Number is C1701C.

The Package is DIP 8 Pin Type

The function of this semiconductor is traic controller ( Zero Voltage Switch ).

Manufacturer: NEC

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C1701C pdf datasheet pinout


C1701C is Zero Voltage Switch. Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS) is a technique used in power electronics to minimize the switching losses and improve the efficiency of high-frequency power converters, such as DC-DC converters or inverters.

In a typical power converter, the switches (usually MOSFETs or IGBTs) are turned on and off to control the flow of current and voltage. During the switching process, there is a brief period when both the voltage and current are non-zero, resulting in power dissipation and switching losses.

The uPC1701C is a triac controller providing a complete solution for temerature controlled electic panel heaters, cookers, film processing baths etc. Switching occurs at the zero voltage point in order to minimize radio frequency interference. The device is suitable for mains-on-line operation and require minimal external components

C1701C pdf datasheet

The ZVS technique is designed to minimize or eliminate the switching losses associated with traditional hard-switching methods, where power devices (such as transistors or thyristors) are switched on and off abruptly. Hard switching can lead to high power dissipation, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and stress on the power devices.

In a ZVS circuit, the power devices are switched at moments when the voltage across them is close to zero, hence the term “Zero Voltage Switching.” By synchronizing the switching action with the zero-crossing points of the input voltage or current waveform, the power devices can be turned on or off smoothly, reducing switching losses and improving efficiency.


1. Easy operation either through the AC line or a DC supply

2. Supply voltage control

3. Very few external components

Bipolar Analog Integrated Circuit […]

C1701C nec UPC1701C

C1701C PDF Datasheet

C1701C pdf