CD4541B Datasheet PDF – CMOS Programmable Timer

Part Number: CD4541B

Function: CMOS Programmable Timer, High Voltage Types (20V Rating)

Package: DIP, SOIC, TSSOP 14 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Image and Pinouts:
CD4541B datasheet


The CD4541B programmable timer consists of a 16-stage binary counter, an oscillator that is controlled by external R-C components (2 resistors and a capacitor), an automatic power-on reset circuit, and output control logic. The counter increments on positive-edge clock transitions and can also be reset via the MASTER RESET input.

Function Diagram



1. Low Symmetrical Output Resistance, Typically 100Ω at VDD = 15V
2. Built-In Low-Power RC Oscillator
3. Oscillator Frequency Range : DC to 100kHz
4. External Clock (Applied to Pin 3) can be Used Instead of Oscillator
5. Operates as 2N Frequency Divider or as a Single-Transition Timer
6. Q/Q Select Provides Output Logic Level Flexibility
7. AUTO or MASTER RESET Disables Oscillator During Reset to Reduce Power Dissipation
8. Operates With Very Slow Clock Rise and Fall Times

Other data sheets are available within the file: CD4541BE, CD4541BEE4, CD4541BF, CD4541BF3A

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