HD3SS3212 Datasheet PDF – 2:1/1:2 USB 3.1 Mux/Demux – TI

Part Number: HD3SS3212

Function: Two Channel Differential 2:1/1:2 10Gbps Mux/Demux

Package: VQFN 20 Pin, 2.50 mm × 4.50 mm × 0.5-mm pitch

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments


HD3SS3212 USB3.1 Mux Demux


The HD3SS3212 is a high-speed bidirectional passive switch in mux or demux configurations suited for USB Type-C™ application supporting USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2 data rates. Based on control pin SEL, the device provides switching on differential channels between Port B or Port C to Port A.

The HD3SS3212 is a generic analog differential passive switch that can work for any high-speed interface applications requiring a common mode voltage range of 0 to 2 V and differential signaling with differential amplitude up to 1800 mVpp. It employs adaptive tracking that ensures the channel remains unchanged for the entire common mode voltage range.


HD3SS3212 pinout datasheet



1. Provides MUX/DEMUX Solution for USB Type-C™ Ecosystem for USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2 Data Rates

2. Compatible With MIPI DSI/CSI, FPDLinkIII, LVDS, and PCIE Gen II, III

3. Operates up to 10 Gbps

4. Bidirectional “Mux/De-Mux” Differential Switch

5 Supports Common Mode Voltage 0 to 2 V

6. Single Supply Voltage VCC of 3.3 V

Official Homepage: https://www.ti.com/product/HD3SS3212

HD3SS3212 Datasheet PDF



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