RT9741CGV Datasheet – 100mΩ, 0.7A High-Side Power Switch

Part Number: RT9741, RT9741CGV

Function : 100mΩ, 0.7A High-Side Power Switch

Package: SOT-23-3 Type

Manufacturer: Richtek Technology


RT9741CGV High-Side Power Switch


The RT9741 is a cost-effective, low-voltage, single NMOSFET high-side Power Switch IC for USB application. Low switch-on resistance (typ. 100mΩ) and low supply current (typ. 50μA) are realized in this IC.

The RT9741CGV integrates an over-current protection circuit, a short fold back circuit, a thermal shutdown circuit and an under-voltage lockout circuit for overall protection. Furthermore, the chip also integrates an embedded delay function to prevent miss-operation from happening due to inrush-current. The RT9741 is an ideal solution for USB power supply and can support flexible applications since it is available in the SOT-23-3 package.


Pinout and Function Block Diagram

RT9741CGV datasheet pinout



1. 100mΩ (typ.) N-MOSFET Switch
2. Operating Range : 2.7V to 5.5V
3. Reverse Blocking Current
4. Under-Voltage Lockout
5. Thermal Protection with Foldback
6. Over-Current Protection
7. Short-Circuit Protection
8. RoHS Compliant and Halogen Free


1. USB Peripherals
2. Notebook PCs

RT9741CGV Datasheet


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