uP6103S8 Datasheet – Synchronous-Rectified Buck Controller

Part Number: uP6103S8, uP6103AS8

Function  : 5V/12V Synchronous-Rectified Buck Controller with Reference Input

Package: SOP-8L Type

Manufacturer: uPI Semiconductor ( http://www.upi-semi.com/ )


uP6103S8 controller


The uP6103 is a compact synchronous-rectified buck controller specifically designed to operate from 5V or 12V supply voltage and to deliver high quality output voltage as low as 0.4V. These SOP-8 and PSOP-8 devices operate at fixed 200/300 kHz frequency and provide an optimal level of integration to reduce size and cost of the power supply. The uP6103 supports both tracking mode and stand-alone mode operation. The output voltage is tightly regulated to the external reference voltage from 0.4V to 3.0V at tracking mode or to internal 0.6V reference at stand-alone mode.


uP6103S8 datasheet pdf


1. Operate from 5V or 12V Supply Voltage

2.† Support Tracking Mode and Stand Alone Mode Operation

3.† Simple Single-Loop Control Design

4. 200/300 kHz Fixed Frequency Oscillator

5. Internal Soft Start

6. Integrated Bootstrap Diode

uP6103S8 Datasheet


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