WL2215-L Datasheet PDF – Wideband LNA – RFHIC

Part Number: WL2215-L

Function: Wideband LNA

Package: CP-16A Type

Manufacturer: RFHIC

WL2215-L datasheet


RFHIC’s LOW Noise Amplifier series are all hybrid LNA type products which includes all matching for the convenience of customers. WL series are a wideband LNA used for up to 50 ~ 2200MHz. The structure of the device is built with GaAs p-HEMT die attached on a ceramic thick film substrate. The device is still smaller than the area one would use for the application notes all together.Depending on the part number, one can use this in different frequency applications. All LNA hybrids are possible to have custom frequency& spec without any additional NRE cost involved. All RFHIC products are RoHS compliant.

Function Diagram :



1. GaAs p-HEMT chip on board

2. No matching circuit needed

3. High Maximum input power(+25dBm)

4. High IP3 & Low Noise

5. Single Supply Voltage (+5V)

WL2215-L Datasheet PDF Download

WL2215-L pdf

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