100GXHH22 PDF – 100A, 4500V, DIODE ( RECTIFIER )

Part Number: 100GXHH22

Function: 100A, 4500V, DIODE

Package: Disk Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba Semiconductor

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A diode with the specifications “100A, 4500V” refers to a high-current, high-voltage diode capable of handling a maximum forward current of 100 amperes (A) and a maximum reverse voltage of 4500 volts (V). Such diodes are typically used in high-power applications that require robust switching and rectification capabilities.

High-power diodes like these are commonly employed in various industrial and electrical applications, such as power supplies, inverters, motor drives, welding equipment, and high-voltage rectification circuits.


100GXHH22 diode diode


Absolute maximum ratings ( Ta=25°C )

1. Repetitive peak reverse Voltage: VRRM = 4500 V
2. RMS Reverse Voltage: VR(RMS) = 4700 V
3. Forward Continuous Current: IF = 100 A
4. Operating Temperature: Tj = 125°C
5. Storage Temperature: Tsg = -40 ~ +125°C




100GXHH22 PDF Datasheet

100GXHH22 pdf