1200AP40 Datasheet – PWM Current-Mode Controller – Onsemi

Part Number: NCP1200A, Marking : 1200AP40

Funtion : PWM Current-Mode Controller for Universal Off-Line Supplies Featuring Low Standby Power

Package: SOIC 8 Pin, DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ON semiconductor


1200AP40 PWM Controller


The NCP1200A enhances the previous NCP1200 series by offering a reduced optocoupler current together with an increased drive capability. Due to its novel concept, the circuit allows the implementation of complete off−line AC−DC adapters, battery charger or a SMPS where standby power is a key parameter.
With an internal structure operating at a fixed 40 kHz, 60 kHz or 100 kHz, the controller supplies itself from the high−voltage rail, avoiding the need of an auxiliary winding. This feature naturally eases the designer task in battery charger applications. Finally, current−mode control provides an excellent audio−susceptibility and inherent pulse−by−pulse control.



1200AP40 datasheet pinout

1. Pb−Free Packages are Available
2. No Auxiliary Winding Operation
3. Auto−Recovery Internal Output Short−Circuit Protection
4. Extremely Low No−Load Standby Power
5. Current−Mode Control with Skip−Cycle Capability
6. Internal Temperature Shutdown
7. Internal Leading Edge Blanking
8. 250 mA Peak Current Capability
9. Internally Fixed Frequency at 40 kHz, 60 kHz and 100 kHz
10. Direct Optocoupler Connection
11. SPICE Models Available for TRANsient and AC Analysis
12. Pin to Pin Compatible with NCP1200


1200AP40 Datasheet


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