1ZB36 PDF – 1W, 36V, Zener Diode, TVS, Rectifier

Part Number: 1ZB36

Function: 1W, 36V, ZENER DIODE, TVS, Rectifier

Package: DO-41, Axial Type

Manufacturer: Galaxy Semi-Conductor

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1ZB36 is 1W, 36V, Zener Diode. A Zener diode is a specialized type of semiconductor diode that is designed to operate in the reverse-biased breakdown region, known as the Zener breakdown or Zener knee. It has a specific voltage, known as the Zener voltage (Vz), at which it begins to conduct in the reverse direction.

Key characteristics:

1. Voltage Regulation: Zener diodes are primarily used as voltage regulators. When connected in reverse bias (i.e., with the anode connected to a more negative voltage than the cathode), they maintain a nearly constant voltage across their terminals, even as the current through them varies within a certain range. This property makes them valuable for stabilizing power supplies and protecting circuits from voltage spikes.

2. Reverse Breakdown Voltage: Zener diodes are chosen based on their specific reverse breakdown voltage, which is the voltage at which they start conducting significantly in the reverse direction. Zener voltages can range from a few volts to several hundred volts, depending on the diode’s intended application.


1. Silicon planar power zener diodes

2. For use in stabilizing and clipping curcuits with high power rating.

3. Standard zener voltage tolerance is ±10%.


Mechanical Data :

1. Case : DO-41

2. Terminals : Solderable per MIL-STD-202, method 208

3. Polarity : Cathode band

4. Marking : Type number

5. Approx. Weight : 0.35grams.

1ZB36 datasheet zener

1ZB36 PDF Datasheet