STK084 PDF Datasheet – AF Power Amplifier, STK-084

Part Number: STK084, STK-084

Function: 50 to 70 W, AF Power Amplifier

Package: SIP 10 Pin type

Manufacturer: Sanyo, ETC




STK084 is thick film hybrid IC, AF Power amplifier. An AF (Audio Frequency) Power Amplifier Hybrid IC is an integrated circuit designed for amplifying audio signals, typically in the low to mid-frequency range. These ICs are used to boost the power of audio signals coming from sources like microphones, musical instruments, or audio playback devices, making them suitable for driving speakers or headphones.


1. 1 Channel by 2 Power Supply

2. AF Output Power

(1) STK-084 : 50 Wmin.
(2) STK-085-105 : 60 Wmin.
(3) STK-086 : 70 Wmin.

3. Capable of setting protector for load shorting and tone controller.


Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Maximum Supply Voltage : VCC max = ± 50 V

2. Collector Current: Ic max = ± 7A

STK084 pdf pinout

These ICs find applications in various audio amplification systems, including home audio equipment, automotive audio systems, portable speakers, musical instrument amplifiers, and more.


STK-084 PDF Datasheet

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