1LS243-4PG Datasheet PDF – Micro Switch, Limit Switch

Part Number: 1LS243-4PG

Function: MICRO SWITCH Limit Switches Line Guide

Manufacturer: Honeywell International


1LS243-4PG datasheet



This is micro switch. The Honeywell MICRO SWITCH Compact LS Limit Switch Series offers products that have a long record of successful performance in a diverse range of industrial applications. Under severe conditions, its durable and dependable design provides longevity, precision, and consistent repeatability over millions of operations.


And Honeywell S&C delivers all the benefits your applications demand :

1. Reliability, repeatability, accuracy

2. Impressive breadth of product offerings

3. Tested-tough, for industrial machinery

4. Supreme performance, through superior application understanding

5. Withstanding shock, vibration, washdowns and outdoor environments



1. General Purpose

2. Rugged, metal housing packaged for industrial indoor and outdoor

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1LS243-4PG pdf