20D101 Datasheet – 100V, Metal Oxide Varistor ( PDF )

Part Number: 20D101, MOV-20DxxxK Series

Function: 20mm, 100V, Metal Oxide Varistor

Package: Disk Type

Manufacturer: Bourns, Inc


20D101 datasheet



The MOV-20D101 Series of 20 mm radial leaded varistor devices protects against overvoltage transients such as lightning, power contact and power induction.

The metal oxide varistors offer a choice of varistor voltages from 18 V to 1800 V and Vrms voltages from 11 V to 1100 V.

The devices have a high current handling, high energy absorption capability and fast response times to protect against transient faults up to rated limits.


1. High voltage rating
2. High current rating
3. Bidirectional
4. Surge protection
5. Fast response time
6. RoHS compliant

Other data sheets are available within the file: 20D102, 20D112, 20D121, 20D151


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20D101 pdf