2510-6002UB Datasheet PDF – Four-Wall Header, Connector

Part Number: 2510-6002UB

Function: Four-Wall Header

Manufacturer: 3M


2510-6002UB datasheet



This is Four-Wall Header – Headers & Wire Housings, 10 Position STRT SOLDER TAIL HIGH TEMP.



1. Low profile, space saving design

2. Center slot polarization prevents mis-insertions and reduces insertion time

3. Dual slot polarization means broader compatibility with competitive polarization designs(not 6, 8 or 10 pos.)

4. Optional retainer clip for locking sockets in place and increasing connection reliability in vibration-prone environments

5. Optional high temperature insulator suitable for “no lead” soldering operations

6. High temperature option in through-hole version suitable for “paste in hole” reflow soldering techniques

7. Exposed solder tails(on right angle version) provide ease of cleaning and reduced repair costs

8. Straight surface mount version available

9. See the Regulatory Information Appendix(RIA) in the “RoHS Compliance” section of

www.3Mconnectors.com for compliance information.

Other data sheets are available within the file: 25106002UB

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