25AA080 Datasheet – 8K, SPI Bus Serial EEPROM ( PDF )

Part Number: 25AA080

Function: 8K, SPI Bus Serial EEPROM

Package: DIP 8 pin Type

Manufacturer: Microchip Technology


25AA080 datasheet



The Microchip Technology Inc. 25AA080, 25LC080, 25C080 (25XX080) are 8 Kbit Serial Electrically Erasable PROMs. The memory is accessed via a simple Serial Peripheral Interface™ (SPI™) compatible serial bus. The bus signals required are a clock input (SCK) plus separate data in (SI) and data out (SO) lines. Access to the device is controlled through a Chip Select (CS) input.

Communication to the device can be paused via the hold pin (HOLD). While the device is paused, transitions on its inputs will be ignored, with the exception of chip select, allowing the host to service higher priority interrupts.


• Low-power CMOS technology:
(1) Write current: 3 mA maximum
(2) Read current: 500 μA typical
(3) Standby current: 500 nA typical

• 1024 x 8-bit organization

• 16 byte page

• Write cycle time: 5 ms max.

• Self-timed erase and write cycles

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