2P4M Datasheet – 2.0 Ampere Passivated Process Thyristor

This post explains for the semiconductor 2P4M.

The Part Number is 2P4M.

The function of this semiconductor is 2.0 Ampere Passivated Process Thyristor.

Manufacturer: Thinki Semiconductor

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2P4M ® 2P4M Pb Free Plating Product Pb 2.0 Ampere Passivated Process Thyristor—Sensitive Gate SCR


ThinkiSemi 2P4M SCR with the parallel resistor between Gate and Cathode are especially recommended for use on straight hair, igniter, anion generator etc.. MAIN Features TO-202 Pkg Outline Symbol Value IT(RMS) IGT VTM 2 ≤200 ≤1.5 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Unit A μA V Internal structure A(2) K(1) RGK G(3) 3 2 1 Parameter Storage junction temperature range Operating junction temperature range Repetitive peak off-state voltage Repetitive peak reverse voltage Symbol Tstg Tj VDRM VRRM Value -40-150 -40-110 600 600 Unit ℃ ℃ V V RMS on-state current @ (TC=72℃) IT(RMS) 2 A Non repetitive surge peak on-state current (tp=10ms) I2t value for fusing (tp=10ms) Critical rate of rise of on-state current Peak gate current (tp=20μs, Tj=110℃) Peak gate power (tp=20μs, Tj=110℃) Average gate power dissipation(Tj=110℃) ITSM I2t dI/dt IGM PGM PG(AV) 2 […]

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2P4M Datasheet

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