2P4M PDF – 2A / Passivated Process Thyristor

This post explains for the Thyristor.

The Part Number is 2P4M.

The function of this semiconductor is 2.0 Ampere Passivated Process Thyristor.

The package is TO-202 Tyype

Manufacturer: Thinki Semiconductor

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2P4M pinout datasheet



ThinkiSemi 2P4M SCR with the parallel resistor between Gate and Cathode are especially recommended for use on straight hair, igniter, anion generator etc..

The 2P4M is a specific model of a thyristor, also known as a silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR). Thyristors are semiconductor devices commonly used for switching and controlling high-power electrical circuits.

The 2P4M is a four-layer, three-terminal device that consists of two P-type layers and two N-type layers. The “2P” in the name signifies the PNPN structure of the device, while “4M” indicates the specific design and characteristics of the thyristor.

MAIN Features:

TO-202 Pkg Outline Symbol Value IT(RMS) IGT VTM 2 ≤200 ≤1.5 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Unit A μA V Internal structure A(2) K(1) RGK G(3) 3 2 1 Parameter Storage junction temperature range Operating junction temperature range Repetitive peak off-state voltage Repetitive peak reverse voltage Symbol Tstg Tj VDRM VRRM Value -40-150 -40-110 600 600 Unit ℃ ℃ V V RMS on-state current @ (TC=72℃) IT(RMS) 2 A Non repetitive surge peak on-state current (tp=10ms) I2t value for fusing (tp=10ms) Critical rate of rise of on-state current Peak gate current (tp=20μs, Tj=110℃) Peak gate power (tp=20μs, Tj=110℃) Average gate power dissipation(Tj=110℃) ITSM I2t dI/dt IGM PGM PG(AV) 2 […]

2P4M pdf

2P4M PDF Datasheet