2N3958 Datasheet – N-Ch, dual FET, Transistor ( PDF )

Part Number: 2N3958

Function: N-Channel dual silicon junction field-effect transistor

Package: TO-71 Type

Manufacturer: Vishay Semiconductors

Image and Pinouts:

2N3958 datasheet



The low cost 2N3958 JFET dual is designed for high-performance differential amplification for a wide range of precision test instrumentation applications. This series features tightly matched specs, low gate leakage for accuracy, and wide dynamic range with IG guaranteed at VDG = 20 V.


1. Monolithic Design
2. High Slew Rate
3. Low Offset/Drift Voltage
4. Low Gate Leakage: 5 pA
5. Low Noise: 9 nV⁄√Hz
6. High CMRR: 100 dB


Benefits :

1. Tight Differential Match vs. Current
2. Improved Op Amp Speed, Settling Time Accuracy
3. Minimum Input Error/Trimming Requirement
4. Insignificant Signal Loss/Error Voltage
5. High System Sensitivity
6. Minimum Error with Large Input Signal


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2N3958 pdf