2N5457 Datasheet PDF – N-ch, Vdg=25V, Ig=10mA, JFET

Part Number: 2N5457

Function: Small Signal N-Channel JFET, Vdg=25V, Ig=10mA

Package: TO-92 type

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor, ON SemiConductor


2N5457 transistor fairchild


This is N-Channel General Purpose Amplifier.

This device is a low level audio amplifier and switching transistors, and can be used for analog switching applications.


2N5457 datasheet fet



1. N-Channel for Higher Gain

2. Drain and Source Interchangeable

3. High AC Input Impedance

4. High DC Input Resistance

5. Low Transfer and Input Capacitance

6. Low Cross-Modulation and Intermodulation Distortion

7. Plastic Encapsulated Package

8. Pb-Free Packages are Available


Absolute Maximum Ratings :

1. Drain-Gate Voltage : VDG = 25 V

2. Gate-Source Voltage : VGS = – 25 V

3. Forward Gate Current : IGF = 10 mA

4. Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range : TJ, Tstg = -55 to +150 °C

5. Total Device Dissipation: Pd = 625mW


Official Homepage: https://www.onsemi.com/products/discrete-power-modules/jfets/2n5457


2N5457 Datasheet PDF

2N5457 pdf