3TF3200-0A Datasheet – 3-Pole and CRLOF3 Reversing Contactors

This post explains for the semiconductor 3TF3200-0A.

The Part Number is 3TF3200-0A.

The function of this semiconductor is 3-Pole and CRLOF3 Reversing Contactors.

Manufacturer: Siemens

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World Series Contactors 3TF3 3-Pole and CRL0F3 Reversing Contactors with AC or DC Coil Ordering Information ᮣ ᮣ ᮣ Selection Coil Voltage Codes AC Voltage 60Hz 24 120 208 277 240 480 600 DC Voltage 12 24 48 125 240 50Hz 24 110 175 220 220 380–415 500 Code C2 K6 M1 U1 P6 V0 S0 Code A4 B4 W4 G4 Q4 ᮣ ᮣ ᮣ Select Contactor from table below. Complete Catalog Number from coil codes table shown. Maximum combination of top and side mount auxiliary contacts is 4 per contactor. Overload Relays see pages 416–418. Accessories see page 419. Replacement Parts see pages 920–921. 3TF3200 3TF3 Non-Reversing Contactors Ampere Rating Enclosed IEC AC-3 UL AC Coil Voltage 1 Phase HP Ratings 115V 1 DC Coil Voltage 3 Phase HP Ratings 230V 200V 230V 460V 575V Auxiliary Contacts NO NC Catalog No Price $ Catalog […]

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3TF3200-0A Datasheet

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