3TF3200-0A PDF – 3-Pole Reversing Contactor

This post explains for the Contactor.

The Part Number is 3TF3200-0A.

The function of this semiconductor is 3-Pole and CRLOF3 Reversing Contactors.

Manufacturer: Siemens

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The 3TF3200-0A is  3-Pole and CRL0F3 Reversing Contactors with AC or DC Coil.

A reversing contactor, also known as a forward-reverse contactor or motor-reversing contactor, is an electrical device used to control the direction of rotation of an electric motor. It is commonly used in applications where the motor needs to operate in both forward and reverse directions, such as in machinery, conveyor systems, and winches.

A contactor is an electromechanical switch that is capable of handling high currents. It consists of a coil, which when energized, creates a magnetic field that attracts a set of contacts, closing the circuit and allowing current to flow. In the case of a reversing contactor, there are usually two sets of contacts, known as the main contacts, which control the motor’s power supply.

The reversing contactor also includes an interlocking mechanism that ensures the motor cannot be energized in both forward and reverse directions simultaneously. This mechanism prevents damage to the motor and other equipment.

To reverse the direction of the motor, the reversing contactor switches the connection of the motor’s power supply, effectively swapping the positions of the motor’s supply lines. By reversing the connection, the magnetic field generated by the motor’s windings changes direction, causing the motor to rotate in the opposite direction.


1. Select Contactor from table below.
2. Complete Catalog Number from coil codes table shown.
3. Maximum combination of top and side mount auxiliary contacts is 4 per contactor.
4. Overload Relays see pages 416–418.
5. Accessories see page 419.
6. Replacement Parts see pages 920–921 […]

3TF3200-0A PDF Datasheet