3TF3300-0A Datasheet – Non-Reversing Contactor – Siemens

Part Number: 3TF3300-0A

Function: 3-Pole with AC Coil, Non-Reversing Contactor

Manufacturer: Siemens




1. Power contactors are suitable for switching and controlling squirrel cage and slip-ring motors as well as other AC loads, such as solenoids, capacitors, lighting    loads,heating loads and transformer loads.

2. Contactors conform to IS/IEC 60947-4-1

3. Contactor can be mounted on 35mm DIN and they are also suitable for screw mounting (9-38A – DIN / Screw mounting and 45-475A – Screw mounting).

4. Contactors are suitable for operation in service temperature upto 55°C without derating. This avoids selection of higher rated contactor.


Ordering Information


1. Contactor Size : 1

2. Rated current (A), Ie AC3at 415V, 50Hz, 3ph :  22

3. Motor kW at 415V 50Hz, 3ph : 11

3TF3300-0A Datasheet


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