3TF47 Datasheet – 600V, 63A, Magnetic Contactor – Siemens

Part Number: 3TF47

Function: Magnetic Contactor

Manufacturer: Siemens





3TF Series AC Contactors are latest products of Siemens AG in 1990’s. The series products are suitable for frequency of 50/60Hz, rated insulation voltage up to 690 ~ 1000V, rated operational current up to 9A ~ 400A at rated operational voltage up to 380V under the utilization category AC – 3. 3TF Series AC Contactors are mainly used for making/breaking electric circuits at a long distance and for frequent starting/
stopping and reversing control of AC motors.They comply with IEC947, VDE0660, GB14048.

Contactor Selection Guide


Features :

1. Sub-Category : Contactors
2. Type : 3TF
3. Phase : 3
4. Poles : 3
5. Voltage : 600
6. Amperage : 63
7. Coil Voltage Min : 110
8. Coil Voltage Max : 120



3TF47 Datasheet


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