4274GV50 PDF Datasheet – Voltage Regulator – TLE4274GV50

This post describes for the Voltage Regulator. A voltage regulator is an electronic device that is used to maintain a constant voltage level, regardless of changes in load or input voltage.

The part number is 4274GV50, TLE4274GV50.

The function of this transistor is Low-Drop Voltage Regulator.

The manufacturer of this parts is Siemens.

See the preview image and the 4274GV50 Datasheet PDF file for more information.4274GV50 pdf regulator


This is Low-Drop Voltage Regulator. The 4274GV50 is a low-drop voltage regulator in a
TO220 package. The IC regulates an input voltage up to 40 V to VQrated = 5.0 V (V50), 8.5 V (V85) and 10 V (V10). The maximum output current is 400 mA. The IC is short-circuit proof and incorporates temperature protection that disables the IC at over temperature.

The control amplifier compares a reference voltage to a voltage that is proportional to the
output voltage and drives the base of the series transistor via a buffer. Saturation control
as a function of the load current prevents any oversaturation of the power element.


1. Output voltage tolerance ≤ ± 4 %

2. Low-drop voltage

3. Very low current consumption

4. Short-circuit proof Reverse polarity proof

5. Suitable for use in automotive electronics

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4274GV50 PDF Datasheet