7404 PDF Datasheet – Hex Inverting Gates ( DM7404 )

This post explains for the TTL 7404.

The Part Number is 7404.

The function of this semiconductor is Hex Inverting Gates.

Manufacturer: Fairchild Semiconductor, National Semiconductor




1. Six Hex Inverters

2. Outputs Directly Interface to CMOS, NMOS and TTL

3. Large Operating Voltage Range

4. Wide Operating Conditions

5. Not Recommended for New Designs Use 74LS04

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Pin Number Description
1 A Input Gate 1
2 Y Output Gate 1
3 A Input Gate 2
4 Y Output Gate 2
5 A Input Gate 3
6 Y Output Gate 3
7 Ground
8 Y Output Gate 4
9 A Input Gate 4
10 Y Output Gate 5
11 A Input Gate 5
12 Y Output Gate 6
13 A Input Gate 6
14 Vcc – Positive Supply


DM7404 Hex Inverting Gates August 1986 Revised February 2000 DM7404 Hex Inverting Gates General Description This device contains six independent gates each of which performs the logic INVERT function. Ordering Code: Order Number Package Number Package Description DM7404M M14A 14-Lead Small Outline Integrated Circuit (SOIC), JEDEC MS-012, 0.150 Narrow DM7404N N14A 14-Lead Plastic Dual-In-Line Package (PDIP), JEDEC MS-001, 0.300 Wide Devices also available in Tape and Reel. Specify by appending the suffix letter “X” to the ordering code. Connection Diagram Function Table Y=A Inputs A L H H = HIGH Logic Level L = LOW Logic Level Output Y H L © 2000 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation DS006494 www.fairchildsemi.com DM7404 Absolute Maximum Ratings(Note 1) Supply Voltage 7V Input Voltage 5.5V Operating Free Air Temperature Range 0°C to +70°C Storage Temperature Range −65°C to +150°C Note 1: The “Absolute Maximum Ratings” are those values beyond which […]

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7404 Datasheet

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