7915 Pinout – 1.5A, -15V, Negative Regulator ( Datasheet )

Part Number: 7915

Function: 3-Terminal Negative Regulator ( 1.5A, -15V )

Package: TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: ISC, National Semiconductor (Texas Instruments)

Image and Pinouts:

7915 pinout


This is Negative Regulator.

This device need only one external component a compensation capacitor at the output. The 7915 is packaged in the TO-220 power package and is capable of supplying 1.5A of output current. This regulator employ internal current limiting safe area protection and thermal shutdown for protection against virtually all overload conditions.


1. Thermal, short circuit and safe area protection
2. High ripple rejection
3. 1.5A output current
4. 4% tolerance on preset output voltage
5. Output voltage of -15V
6. Output transition Safe-Area compensation


7915 Pinout Datasheet


7915 pdf