8155H PDF – 2048-BIT RAM and I/O Chip

Part Number: 8155H


Package: DIP 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

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The 8155H is commonly used in embedded systems, industrial control applications, and other projects where I/O expansion, timers, and parallel I/O functionality are required. Its versatility and integration of multiple functions into a single IC make it a popular choice for interfacing with external devices and providing basic control and timing capabilities.


8155H datasheet ram

Feature and functions:

1. Programmable I/O Ports: It provides a set of programmable I/O ports, typically consisting of eight bidirectional I/O lines. These ports can be configured as inputs or outputs based on the user’s requirements.

2. Timer/Counter: The 8155H includes an integrated timer/counter that can be programmed to generate timing or counting functions. It supports different modes of operation, including interval timer mode, event counter mode, and square wave generation.

3. Memory: The IC incorporates an on-chip memory of 256 bytes that can be used for data storage or as scratchpad memory for the microcontroller or system it is interfaced with.

4. Control and Status Registers: The device includes a set of control and status registers that allow the user to configure the I/O ports, set the timer modes, and monitor the status of the device.

5. Interface Compatibility: The IC is designed to work with a wide range of microprocessors and microcontrollers. It supports standard parallel bus interfaces, making it compatible with various system architectures.


8155H PDF Datasheet