8873CSCNG6PR6 PDF – Color TV Dedicated Decoding Chip

Part Number: 8873CSCNG6PR6

Function: 8-Bit CPU, Color TV Dedicated Decoding Chip

Package: DIP 64 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Toshiba




8873CSCNG6PR6 is a 2-in-1 color TV dedicated decoding chip newly developed by Toshiba Corporation of Japan. It can be applied to 14”~29” movements, and has a variety of functional expansions. It can be implemented on a single PCB motherboard from simple to high-end full series. Movement.


1. High-speed 8 bits CPU.

2. With 8MHZ crystal, the shortest instruction cycle is 0.5μs.

3. 2-K RAM, 48K ROM.

4. 12 I/O ports.

5. One 14bit PWM output port.

6. One 7bit PWM output port.

7. 3 8bit A/D converters.

8. Dedicated remote control, counting register.

9. 2 16bit timer/counter.

10. 2 8bit timer/counter.

11. 16 interrupt sources, 5 external interrupts, 11 internal interrupts.

12. 4 ROM error correction ports.



8873CSCNG6PR6 Datasheet

8873CSCNG6PR6 pdf