946H-1C-5D-F PDF Datasheet – DC 5V Relay

Part Number: 946H-1C-5D-F

Function: DC 5V Relay, 946 Series Relay

Type: SPDT

Manufacturer: HSIN DA

Images:946H-1C-5D-F pinout pdf


946H-1C-5D-F is DC 5V Relay. SPDT relays, or single pole double-throw relays, are electromechanical switches that have one common terminal, one normally open (NO) terminal, and one normally closed (NC) terminal. When energized, the relay switches the common terminal between the NO and NC terminals, providing two different output paths. They are commonly used in various electronic applications, including industrial control systems, automotive circuits, home automation, and more.


1. UL safety approval.

2. Standard type & High sensitivity type available.

3. 2 Amps super miniature relay.

4. Conforms to FCC rules & regulation part 68.

5.  Surge strength: 1500 VAC.

6. 1 Form C (SPDT) contact.

7. Nominal power 200mW~360mW.

8. Operating power 110mW~200mW.

9. DIL pitch terminal.

10. Washable Type (ultrasonic cleaning is not recommended).

UL FILE NO: E162117 CONTACT RATINGS -Contact Arrangement.1 Form C (SPDT) -Max. Switching Power…125VA 60W -Max. Switching Voltage.125VAC 30VDC -Max. Switching Current. …2A -Contact Resistance.≤100mΩ -Rating Load 1A/125VAC ……..2A/30VDC -Contact Material ….Ag Alloy 12 10 8 946 Referential Data Timing Time (msec.) Operate Time 6 4 Release Time 2 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.6 0.7 Coil Power (W) CHARACTERISTICS -Electrical Life.1×105 -Mechanical Life..1×107 -Initial Insulation Resistance…Min. 100MΩ 500VDC -Contact Resistance (Initial)……..≤100mΩ -Operate Time..≤6ms -Release Time..≤3ms – Initial Dielectric Strength ..50/60Hz 500VAC 1 min. (between open contacts) ..50/60Hz 500VAC 1 min. (between contacts and coil) – Vibration Resistance Malfunction: 10 to 55Hz at Double Amplitude of 1.5mm Destructive: 10 to 55Hz at Double Amplitude of 1.5mm – Shock Resistance Malfunction: 10G (11ms) / Destructive: 100G (6ms) -Ambient Temperature. […]

946H-1C-5D-F datasheet

946H-1C-5D-F PDF Datasheet