C4242 Datasheet – 7A, 400V, NPN Transistor – SavantIC

What is C4242?

This is is a high power NPN bipolar junction transistor designed for general-purpose amplifier and switching applications.

Function: 7A, 400V, Silicon NPN Power Transistor

Package: TO-220C Type

Manufacturer: SavantIC Semiconductor

Image and Pinouts:

C4242 datasheet


The C4242 is an NPN transistor with a maximum collector current rating of 7A and a maximum collector-emitter voltage rating of 400V.


1. With TO-220C package

2. High voltage, high speed


1. For use in high voltage, high speed : power switching in inductive circuit.

2. Particulary suited for 115 and 220V switchmode applications such as switching regulators, interters

Absolute maximum ratings

1. Collector-base voltage : Vcbo = 450 V

2. Collector-emitter voltage : Vceo = 400 V

3. Emitter-base voltage : Vebo = 8 V

4. Collector current (DC) : Ic – 7A

5. Collector dissipation : Pc = 40 W




1. Suitable for high-power audio amplifiers, switching regulators, and other power applications

2. Can handle high voltage and current without damage

3. Low saturation voltage helps reduce power dissipation and improve efficiency
4. Fast switching speed enables high-frequency operation

5. High current gain provides high output power

Other data sheets are available within the file:  2SC4242

C4242 Datasheet PDF Download

C4242 pdf


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