ADAM24P20 PDF Datasheet – 4-Bit Single Chip Microcomputer

Part Number: ADAM24P20

Function: Remote Control Transmitter, 4-Bit single chip microcomputer

Package: SOP 20 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Etachips, Abov Semicondcutor

Image and pinouts :

ADAM24P20 datasheet pinout


The ADAM24P20 is remote control transmitter which uses CMOS technology. The ADAM24PXX is suitable for remote control of TV, VCR, FANS, Air-conditioners, Audio Equipments, Toys, Games etc. The ADAM24PXX is MTP version. 1.1.

Remote control transmitters that use CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor) technology are quite common due to the advantages of CMOS in terms of power efficiency, low static power consumption, and ease of integration with other circuitry. CMOS technology allows for the development of compact and energy-efficient remote control devices.

CMOS technology allows for the integration of various functions on a single chip, reducing component count and power consumption. It is commonly used in remote control transmitters found in various consumer electronics like TVs, set-top boxes, DVD players, and other remote-controlled devices. The efficient power management of CMOS technology also helps extend battery life in battery-operated remote controls.


1. Program memory (MTP)

(1) 4,096 bytes (4,096 x 8bit) [ multi-programmable by 1K-Byte, 2K-byte or 4K-byte)

2. Data memory (RAM)

(1) 32 nibble (32 x 4bit)

3. 3 levels of subroutine nesting

4. 8-bit Table Read Instruction

5. Oscillator Type (Operating frequency)

6. Internal RC Oscillator (typically 3.64MHz ±2%)

7. Instruction cycle

8. Built in Low Voltage reset circuit

9. Built in a watch dog timer (WDT)


ADAM24P20 pdf microcomputer

ADAM24P20 PDF Datasheet

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