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A photocoupler, also known as an optocoupler or optoisolator, is an electronic component that is used to transfer electrical signals between two isolated circuits using light. It consists of an optically coupled pair, typically an LED (Light-Emitting Diode) on one side and a photodetector (such as a phototransistor or a photodiode) on the other side, enclosed in a single package.

Part Number: PC817

Function: General Purpose Photocoupler

Package: DIP 4pin

Manufacturer: Sharp Electronics

Image :

PC817 Photocoupler


1. Double transfer mold package (Ideal for Flow Soldering)

2. High isolation voltage between input and output (Viso(rms) : 5kV)

3. High collector-emitter voltage(VCEO : 80V)

4. Current transfer ratio (CTR : MIN. 50% at IF=5 mA, VCE=5V)

5. RoHS directive compliant


PC817 Image



The PC817 Series contains an IRED optically coupled to a phototransistor.

It is packaged in a 4pin DIP, available in wide-lead spacing option and SMT gullwing lead-form option.

Input-output isolation voltage(rms) is 5.0kV.

Collector-emitter voltage is 80V(*) and CTR is 50% to 600% at input current of 5mA.


PC817 Datasheet Pinout

Compact Dual-in-line Package:

1. PC-817 : 1-channel type
2. PC817 : 2-channel type
3. PC817 : 3-channel type
4. PC817 : 4-channel type

PC827 Datasheet PDF, PC837, PC847

1. LED (Light-Emitting Diode): The input side of the photocoupler contains an LED that emits light when a current is applied to it. The light emission is typically in the infrared spectrum, but other wavelengths can also be used.

2. Photodetector: The output side of the photocoupler contains a photodetector (such as a phototransistor or photodiode) that detects the incoming light from the LED and generates a corresponding electrical signal.

3. Optically Transparent Barrier: Between the LED and the photodetector, there is an optically transparent barrier that isolates the input and output sides, preventing any direct electrical connection between them. This isolation provides electrical isolation between the two circuits.


1. Programmable controllers

2. Facsimiles

3. Telephones

4.  I/O isolation for MCUs (Micro Controller Units)

5. Noise suppression in switching circuits

6. Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials and impedances

Download PC817 Datasheet PDF

PC817 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: PC827, PC837, PC847

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