BA50BC0WFP-E2 PDF – 5V, 1A, LDO Voltage Regulator

Part Number: BA50BC0WFP-E2

Function: 5V, 1A Variable/Fixed Output LDO Regulator

Package: TO-252-5 Type

Manufacturer: Rohm

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The BA50BC0WFP-E2 is 5V, 1A, LDO Voltage Regulator.

A voltage regulator is an electronic circuit that maintains a constant voltage level. It is designed to provide a stable output voltage that is independent of the changes in input voltage, load current, temperature, and other environmental conditions.

Voltage regulators are used in a variety of applications, including power supplies for electronic devices, battery charging systems, and voltage stabilizationization for sensitive equipment. They help protect the devices from damage due to voltage fluctuations or overloading, and ensure that the devices receive a consistent, reliable power source.

The BAxxBC0 are low-saturation regulators with an output current of 1.0 A and an output voltage accuracy of ±2%. A broad output voltage range is offered, from 1.5V to 10V, and built-in overcurrent protection and thermal shutdown (TSD) circuits prevent damage due to short-circuiting and overloading, respectively.


„ Output voltage accuracy: ±2% Broad output range available: 1.5 V -10 V (BAxxBC0 series) „ Low saturation-voltage type with PNP output „ Built-in overcurrent protection circuit „ Built-in thermal shutdown circuit „ Integrated shutdown switch (BAxxBC0WT, BAxxBC0WT-5, or BAxxBC0WFP Series, BA00BC0WCP-V5)


TO252-3 TO252-5 TO220CP-V5 TO220FP-3 TO220FP-5 TO220FP-5(V5) W (Typ.) x D (Typ.) x H (Max.) 6.50mm x 9.50mm x 2.50mm 6.50mm x 9.50mm x 2.50mm 10.00mm x 20.12mm x 4.60mm 10.00mm x 30.50mm x 4.60mm 10.00mm x 30.50mm x 4.60mm 10.00mm x 31.50mm x 8.15mm

●Key Specifications „ Input Power Supply Voltage: „ Output voltage:(BA00BC0xx) (BAxxBC0) „ Output current: „ Shutdown current: „ Operating temperature range: 16.0V(Max.) Variable Fixed 1A(Max.) 0μA(Typ.) -40℃ to +105℃

Applications All electronic devices that use microcontrollers and logic circuits TO252-3 TO252-5 TO220CP-V5 TO220FP-3 TO220FP-5 TO220FP-5 (V5)

●Lineup Matrix Part Number Output Voltage (V) 1.5 1.8 2.5 3.0 3.3 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0 Variable Package BAxxBC0WT BAxxBC0WT-V5BAxxBC0WFP BAxxBC0T BAxxBC0FP BA00BC0WCP-V5 TO220FP-5 { TO220FP-5 (V5) { TO252-5 – TO220FP-3 – TO252-3 { TO220CP-V5 ○Product structure:Silicon monolithic integrated circuit © 2012 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. TSZ22111・14・001 ○This product is not designed protection against radioactive rays. 1/16 TSZ02201-0R6R0A600120-1-2 26.Jun.2012 Rev.001 BAxxBC0 Series BAxxBC0W Series BA00BC0WCP-V5 Datasheet

BA50BC0WFP-E2 regulator datasheet

BA50BC0WFP-E2 PDF Datasheet