DAP011 PDF Datasheet – PWM Current-Mode Controller

A PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) current-mode controller is a type of electronic control system used in power electronics and switch-mode power supplies. It combines current sensing and feedback techniques with pulse width modulation to regulate and control the output current of a power converter.

Part Number: DAP011

Function: PWM Current-Mode Controller

Package: SO-14 Pin type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


DAP011 pinout datasheet


Housed in an SO−14 package, the DAP011/DAP011C represents an enhanced version of the Maximus, DAP008, controller. Due to its high drive capability, SpeedKing drives large gate−charge MOSFETs which, together with internal ramp compensation and a user selectable frequency jittering, ease the design of modern AC/DC adapters. With an internal structure operating at a fixed 65/100 kHz frequency, the controller directly connects to the high−voltage rail for a loss less and clean startup sequence. Current−mode control also provides an excellent input audio−susceptibility and inherent pulse−by−pulse control. Internal ramp compensation easily prevents subharmonic oscillations from taking place in continuous conduction mode designs. When the current setpoint falls below a given value, e.g. the output power demand diminishes, the IC automatically enters the so−called skip cycle mode and provides excellent efficiency at light loads.


• Current−Mode Control with Adjustable Skip−Cycle Capability

• Internal Ramp Compensation

• Adjustable Frequency Jittering for Better EMI Signature

• Auto−Recovery Internal Output Short−Circuit Protection

• Adjustable Timer for Improved Short−Circuit Protection

• Dedicated Latch Input


Typical Applications:

• High Power AC/DC Converters for TVs, Set−Top Boxes, etc.

• Offline Adapters for Notebooks

• All Power Supplies


DAP011 pdf controller

Overall, a PWM current-mode controller is a versatile control technique widely used in various power electronic applications, including voltage regulators, DC-DC converters, motor drives, and LED drivers, among others. It offers advantages such as excellent transient response, inherent current limiting, and the ability to operate in continuous or discontinuous conduction modes.

DAP011 PDF Datasheet