BP1601 PDF – Step-Up Constant Current LED Driver

This post explains for the step-up DC/DC converter.

The Part Number is BP1601.

The function of this semiconductor is Step-Up Constant Current LED Driver.

The package is SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: BPS

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BP1601 pdf


BP1601 is a step-up DC/DC converter designed to drive high brightness LED from 4.5V to 24VDC
input voltage . Typically in 12VDC input voltage, up to seven 1W LED strings is able to be drived.

BP1601 works in current mode to control LED current, it set the LED current by sense resistor, this
low-side sensing strategy is used to minimize the power dissipation and improve system efficiency. […]

BP1601 pinout datasheet

. 4.5V~24V input voltage range
. Up to seven 1W LED strings is drived when VIN=12V
. Higher than 90% efficiency
. Less than 1uA MOSFET leakage current
. 200mV current sense voltage
. 1A current limit
. Soft start
. Input under-voltage lockout
. Output over-voltage protection
. Internal over-temperature protection
. PWM and analog Dimming


. Solar LED lighting
. Portable LED lighting
. LCD LED backlight

BP1601 PDF Datasheet