CD7522CS PDF – 3W x 2 Bridge, Audio Power Amplifier

Part Number: CD7522CS

Function: 3W x 2 Bridge Audio Power Amplifier

Package: SIP 12 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Wuxi China Resources Silicon Microelectronics


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The CD7522CS is a 3W×2 bridge output audio power amplifier circuit, mainly used in TV, audio
equipment, personal computers, etc.

Its characteristics are as follows :

1. Wide power supply voltage range, can work normally within the voltage range of 3.5~13.5V
2. With standby function
3. With DC volume control function
4. Simple peripheral circuit
5. Package form: FSIP12


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Application Instructions :

1. When the standby control terminal is open or at a low level, the circuit is in a standby state, and when it is at a high level (>1.7V), the circuit is normal Work.

2. When the volume control terminal is open circuit or high level (>1.4V), the volume is the largest.

3. The overheat protection circuit works when Tj=150℃. When the temperature drops, the circuit will automatically return to normal.

4. The heat sink should be designed according to the actual situation of the whole machine, and the heat sink must be connected to the ground potential.

5. The signal ground and the preamp ground of the amplifier should be connected to the same point.


CD7522CS Datasheet