CL100 Datasheet – NPN Silicon Planar Transistors

This post explains for the semiconductor CL100.

The Part Number is CL100.

The function of this semiconductor is NPN Silicon Planar Transistors.

Manufacturer: CDIL

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Continental Device India Limited An IS/ISO 9002 and IECQ Certified Manufacturer IS/ISO 9002 Lic# QSC/L- 000019.2 NPN SILICON PLANAR TRANSISTORS CL 100, A, B CK 100, A, B TO-39 Metal Can Package CL100 And CK 100 Are Medium Power Transistors Suitable For Awide Range Of Medium Voltage And Current Amplifier Applications. Complementary CK100, A, B ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta=25ºC unless specified otherwise) Description SYMBOL VCER Collector -Emitter Voltage Collector -Base Voltage Emitter Base Voltage Collector Current-Continuous Power Dissipation @ Ta=25ºC Derate above 25ºC Total device dissipation @ Tc=25ºC Derate above 25ºC Operating And Storage Junction Temperature Range VCBO VEBO ICM PD PD Tj, Tstg VALUE 50 60 5 1 800 5.33 3 20 -55 to +175 UNITS V mW /°C W mW /°C °C ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta=25ºC unless specified otherwise) Description SYMBOL TEST CONDITION Collector Emitter Breakdown Voltage BVCER – IC =10mA, IB =0 Collector Base Breakdown Voltage Emitter […]

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CL100 Datasheet

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