CX-0905C PDF Datasheet – 5V DC, Magnetic Buzzer

Part Number: CX-0905C, CX0905C, CX-0905

Function: Magnetic Audio Indicator Buzzer (  Magnetic Sound Transducer )

Pakcage : PIN Type ( Au Plating )

Manufacturer: CUI ( )

Images:CX-0905C pdf buzzer



CX-0905C is magnetic buzzer. ( 9.6 mm, 5 V, 80 dB, 2.7 kHz, Through Hole, Sealed, Driving Circuit )

A Magnetic Audio Indicator Buzzer, also known as a magnetic buzzer or magnetic transducer, is an electromechanical device used to produce sound or audio signals in various electronic applications. Unlike regular piezoelectric buzzers that generate sound using a piezoelectric crystal, magnetic buzzers utilize a coil and a diaphragm to produce sound.


CX-0905C pinout datasheet

Magnetic buzzers are commonly used in various electronic devices and applications where a simple and compact audio indicator is needed. Some typical uses include alarms, timers, electronic toys, household appliances, and various electronic gadgets. They are relatively easy to drive, as they only require a direct current (DC) input to produce sound.

CX-0905C PDF Datasheet

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