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This is OP AMP.

An operational amplifier, often referred to as an op-amp, is a versatile and widely used electronic component that serves as a building block for various analog circuit applications. Op-amps are integrated circuits (ICs) with high gain, high input impedance, and low output impedance. They are commonly used in analog signal processing, amplification, filtering, mathematical operations, and more.

The basic symbol of an op-amp consists of two input terminals (inverting and non-inverting), an output terminal, and two power supply terminals (positive and negative supply). The most common op-amp configuration is the differential amplifier, where the output voltage is proportional to the difference between the voltages applied to the two input terminals.

Part Number: HA17741

Function: General-Purpose Operational Amplifier (Frequency Compensated)

Package: DIP 8 Pin

Manufacturer: Hitachi Semiconductor


HA17741 Operational Amplifier


The HA17741 / HA17741PS is an internal phase compensation high-performance operational amplifier, that is appropriate for use in a wide range of applications in the test and control fields.

IC Operational Amplifier Application Examples:

A multivibrator is a square wave generator that uses an RC circuit charge/discharge operation to generate the waveform. Multivibrators are widely used as the square wave source in such applications as power supplies and electronic switches. Multivibrators are classified into three types, astable multivibrators, which have no stable states, monostable multivibrators, which have one stable state, and bistable multivibrators, which have two stable states.


HA17741 datasheet pinout


1. High voltage gain : 106 dB (Typ)
2. Wide output amplitude : ±13 V (Typ) (at RL ³ 2 kW)
3. Shorted output protection
4. Adjustable offset voltage
5. Internal phase compensation

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Power-supply voltage : Vcc = +18 V, Vee = -18 V
2. Input voltage : Vin = ±15 V
3. Differential input voltage : Vin(diff) = ±30 V
4. Allowable power dissipation : PT = 670 mW

Other data sheets are available within the file: HA17741PS

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