CYT3000B PDF – Factor Linear Constant Current LED Chip

Part Number: CYT3000B

Function: High power factor linear constant current LED chip

Pacakge: SOP 8 Pin type

Manufacturer: EgoLL


1 pageCYT3000B PDF


CYT3000B is a high power factor linear constant current high voltage LED driver chip, which is used in the field of LED lighting. The chip achieves a constant current accuracy of less than ±5% through a unique patented constant current control technology, and the output current can be adjusted by an external resistor RCS.

The chip has high power factor and low harmonic distortion.

CYT3000B has the function of automatic adjustment of output current with temperature. When the temperature is too high, the system will reduce the output current to achieve the effect of lowering the temperature. The temperature protection point can be set by the external resistor at the RTH terminal of the pin.

CYT3000B has the function of automatically adjusting the input power. When the input voltage is too high, the output current will be reduced. The magnitude of the current reduction is set by the external resistor RD, so as to ensure that the input power does not change with the input voltage. It can realize the change of input power within 5% under the change range of AC180V to AC300V input voltage.

The system structure is simple, with various protection functions such as over-temperature and over-voltage, and built-in 750V high-voltage constant-current MOS, which improves the reliability of the product. The solution does not require transformers and electrolytic capacitors. Very few external components can save the space occupied by electronic components. The scheme design is simple, debugging and installation are convenient. High conversion efficiency (90%), high PF value (greater than 0.98). Suitable for standardization, automation and mass production.


1. No need for transformers and electrolytic capacitors
2. With automatic temperature adjustment function
3. Integrated high-voltage start-up power supply
4. With power automatic adjustment function


CYT3000B pinout led chip

CYT3000B PDF Datasheet